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2. Identify What
To Monitor

Focus on the information needed to make decisions

Whether the performance issues are detecting a developing failure mode within a dam, monitoring a degrading mechanical condition on a bridge, or evaluating the long term impacts to a watershed; a successful monitoring system always begins with a good understanding of why you are monitoring and what you expect the results to be. The selection of the parameters to monitor should always be based on providing the information that will be needed to make decisions.

Obtaining the desired information on infrastructure projects in a cost effective manner is not always easy. The good news is that there are an abundance of tools available to accomplish the task. 

Because of our diverse experience in installing instrumentation on many different types of infrastructure and under a variety of environment conditions, we have provided significant value to our clients in designing or assisting in the planning and design of the instrumentation systems. Our clients have also found value in our ability to identify more cost effective tools that are being utilized in one area such as structural monitoring for use in other areas such as dams, water resources, or underground construction for example. Most instrument manufactures and consultants tend to focus on a particular sub area of civil infrastructure monitoring and are reluctant to suggest the use of tools that they are not familiar with.