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Surface and Ground Water Monitoring Systems

Water has become one of our most valuable natural resources and there is an ever increasing need to monitor this resource. This includes monitoring water levels and flows as well as monitoring important water quality parameters. Water levels and flows are monitored for a number of reasons, including flood control, domestic water supply and treatment, irrigation, power generation and recreation. 

Important water quality parameters such as temperature, pH, salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity can be easily monitored with long term, permanently installed monitoring systems.

Since many water monitoring locations are remote and even inaccessible during certain times of the year, manual monitoring of these water quality, level and flow parameters can be very time consuming and labor intensive. In addition, it is often difficult to obtain accurate and up-to-date water level and flow data when it is needed most, such as during a storm event to monitor for flooding conditions. Likewise, it is difficult to capture a specific event, such as an illegal point source discharge, when water quality parameters are only monitored on a random or irregular schedule. Not having access to such critical data can prove to be costly or even life threatening. As a result, responsible owners and agencies are often forced to make important decisions based on old, insufficient or nonexistent data. 

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Fortunately, cost effective solutions are available that can provide timely and accurate water resource data right at your fingertips. This data can even be accessed from a remote computer using a web-browser interface and password access. Sensors and automated data acquisition systems (ADAS) can be configured to monitor water quality, level and flow parameters and then to telemetry the data to locations where you need it. This ADAS equipment can even be programmed to automatically trigger a water sampler to collect samples based on real-time data at a remote monitoring location. 


Use the links below to learn more about Surface and Groundwater Monitoring Systems and to explore the various components and tools that can be implemented.

Surface and Groundwater Monitoring System Information

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We would be happy to discuss your long term water quality monitoring application with you and show how EMS can help.