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Technical Papers by EMS Staff

Technical papers authored by members of our staff provide technical information related to the application of monitoring systems. These papers are provided for information purposes only and are applicable only to the projects as presented. They are not intended to be used as a design reference for other projects.

Providing Improved Dam Safety Monitoring Using Existing Staff Resources

Keywords: dam safety monitoring, real time notification, automated data acquisition, wireless network, IP connectivity

Designing Dam Safety Monitoring Systems Using Failure Modes Analysis

Keywords: system design, dam safety monitoring, failure modes analysis, automated data acquisition

Utilizing Automated Monitoring for the Franzen Reservoir Dam

Keywords: dam safety monitoring, real-time notification, water quality monitoring, automated data acquisition

Optimization of Dam Monitoring Systems

Keywords: dam safety monitoring, automated data acquisition

Warning System Design Case Studies

Keywords: dam safety monitoring, early warning system, real-time notification, automated data acquisition

Stream Water Quality and Flow Stations Provide Data For Many Uses

Keywords: water quality monitoring, flow monitoring, real-time notification, automated data acquisition

Performance Monitoring For A Critical Structure Built Within A Landslide

Keywords: landslide monitoring, landslide movements, structural deformation, automated data acquisition

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