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4. Plan and build the data collection system

A small investment in planning can result in significant savings in the total system costs

Not all data collection systems are alike, and not all system architectures are suited for every application. Our experience in working with data acquisition equipment over the past 20 years has shown these statements to be true time and time again. What has changed in 20 years is that there are now many cost effective tools that are available for reliably collecting and communicating instrumentation data from the field to the office. 

The expertise that we have developed is helping our clients integrate the best available components into a system that is customized for their project conditions. This always results in lower project costs as compared to prepackaged one-size fits-all solutions. 

We are able to provide this unbiased service to our clients because we do not represent a particular manufacturer. Because our business is monitoring systems, we are very familiar and have good working relationships with many different equipment manufacturers. It is our unique combination of engineering and computer systems expertise that allows us to understand our client's monitoring needs and how to apply the best available technology to meet those needs.

The services that we typically provide for clients range from assistance with system planning and layout to providing programming and equipment integration services to providing a complete turn key system design and installation.