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Lock Structure Monitoring Systems

Navigation locks are used in conjunction with dams on rivers that need to accommodate the passage of ships, barges and boats. Other lock structures, referred to as “dry docks” are used to hold a boat or ship during repair or maintenance operations. 

Hydraulic loading on lock structures changes frequently and dramatically due to filling and emptying of the lock chamber.  

By monitoring key parameters such as joint movement, tilt on monoliths, and piezometric pressures, lock safety and performance can be quickly evaluated. 

At EMS, we have experience with designing and installing instrumentation monitoring systems on both navigation locks and dry docks. Our engineers stay informed on the latest sensor and datalogger technologies available for structural health monitoring and evaluate new software tools, as they become available, for analyzing and managing safety and performance data.

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Use the links below to learn more about Lock Structure Monitoring Systems and to explore the various components and tools that can be implemented.

Lock Structures Monitoring System Information Links

Lock Project Profiles Technical Papers Industry Links

If you have monitoring requirements for your lock or similar structure, we would be happy to discuss your application with you and show how EMS can help.