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Environmental Monitoring Systems

Millions of dollars are spent each year on environmental remediation projects to remove contaminated materials from soil, groundwater, surface water and the air. 

The various regulatory agencies that oversee these remediation projects usually provide specific regulations and guidelines to the owner or responsible party for monitoring and reporting the remediation activities and their results. 

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To satisfy monitoring and reporting requirements, often the owner or responsible party not only has to determine which parameters to monitor, but also what equipment, sensors and data management software to use.

The monitoring and reporting efforts to quantify the results of the remediaton effort may be as simple as manually measuring and recording a few parameters on a periodic basis or may be as complex as a fully automated data acquisition system (ADAS) monitoring a number of different sensor types at widely dispersed locations with daily reporting of the results.


Use the links below to learn more about Environmental Monitoring Systems and to explore the various components and tools that can be implemented.

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If you have environmental monitoring requirements for your project, we would be happy to discuss your application with you and show how EMS can help.