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5. Configure the data management tools

Without a good management and presentation tool...it’s just a bunch of data.

The most common reasons for not evaluating the collected data on a regular basis is that it takes too much time or is too difficult. Since the purpose of most monitoring efforts is to allow for informed decisions to be made, the accumulation of data that is not being evaluated on a regular basis can be self defeating. For this reason, the monitoring system should always include a tool that will allow the users to efficiently present and evaluate the monitoring results. 

This tool could vary from a custom spreadsheet application to a network based relational database that has a number of custom user interfaces. 

The most cost effective tool will depend upon the user requirements, monitoring duration, and amount of data that will be collected. Providing the monitoring results to multiple users simultaneously over the internet or an internal intranet has also become very popular because of the convenience to the users which saves time and labor costs.

We are currently working with a number of different data management and presentation software tools. These tools are continually changing to adapt to the ever changing world of computer networks. Our up-to-date computer systems expertise is very valuable in assisting our clients with the implementation and on-going maintenance of a reliable data management tool. We often act as a liaison between our clients’ technical staff and information management staff to facilitate the planning and configuration of the data management tool.