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Construction Monitoring Systems

It seems that everywhere we look, we see construction projects in progress. These projects may include new construction, as well as the modification and repair of existing structures and facilities. 


Obviously, construction projects can vary greatly in magnitude and complexity, but many will require the monitoring of certain parameters either related to the construction directly or to its effects on nearby structures. This monitoring may be required to assure the safety of construction personnel, verify stability of the construction area, or verify the success of repair operations. Monitoring requirements may be short or long term and may involve manual or automatic monitoring of various parameters. 

EMS has years of experience with implementing small and large instrumentation monitoring systems for construction projects. We utilize this expertise to help our clients integrate the best available components into a system that is customized for their project conditions.

This always results in lower project costs as compared to prepackaged one-size fits-all solutions. 

Our engineers stay informed on the latest sensor and datalogger technologies available and evaluate new software tools, as they become available, for analyzing and managing construction performance data. We can even integrate manually collected data into the same database with automatically collected data and make this information available in real-time at the construction project and on your company wide-area computer network. 

Since EMS does not represent any particular manufacturers, we are able to provide you with unbiased recommendations for implementing the most cost effective solution that will meet your short and long term monitoring objectives.


Use the links below to learn more about Construction Monitoring Systems and to explore the various components and tools that can be implemented.

Construction Monitoring System Information Links

Construction Project Profiles
Technical Papers
Industry Links

If you have construction monitoring needs, we would be happy to discuss your application with you and show how EMS can help.