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Building Monitoring Systems

The structural integrity of buildings following a seismic event has become an important concern in many areas of the country. This is especially true for taller buildings, usually six stories or higher.

Seismic monitoring systems are available that monitor and record seismic strong motions and can be used for monitoring buildings.

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There are many important factors that must be considered when selecting the best monitoring solution for a particular application.

In addition, the monitoring equipment must be correctly located and installed to provide meaningful motion data for use in evaluating the building performance. Some local building codes also require that the monitoring equipment is installled in a specific manner.

EMS has worked with a number of building owners, architects and structural engineers to configure and install seismic monitoring systems for buildings.

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Use the links below to learn more about Building Monitoring Systems and to explore the various components and tools that can be implemented.

Building Monitoring System Information Links

Building Project Profiles Technical Papers Industry Links

If you have requirements for seismic monitoring on a building, we would be happy to discuss your application with you and show how EMS can help.